In July 2022, an extraordinary student and sports event awaits us! Its integral part are Volunteers, without whom none of the great sport events could take place. Almost 1000 volunteers from all over Europe will be a part of the event and will contribute to this history-making academic sport event, as well as gain memories and friends for life.

Especially at an event like the European Universities Games, their role is extremely important – almost 5000 student-athletes will come to Lodz to compete in 20 disciplines and it could not be done without the support of volunteers.

In addition to purely sporting emotions during competitions, a rich volunteering programme will be presented – full of educational and cultural events, intergenerational events and of course, sport activities!

European Universities Games will be held between 17 and 31 of July 2022.

In the first phase of the recruitment, we will collect applications until March 15th. Chosen applicants will be invited for an interview with the volunteers leader. In spring, we plan a series of online trainings and meetings, and in July a rich programme of seminars and conferences will be presented.

Sign up today – the recruitment form is now open!

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