Volunteering programme at European Universities Games Lodz 2022

In July, over 700 volunteers supported the organization of European Universities Games in Lodz. They have been one of the most important parts of many different areas of the event. Over 150 of them came from many other countries – which made it an amazing opportunity to integrate with people with similar passion.

European Universities Games was an event dedicated to student-athletes from around Europe, taking place since 2012. After events in Spain, the Netherlands, Croatia and Portugal, polish edition has been 5 th event of the cycle.

So far, few thousand volunteers all together took part in EUSA Games. In 2022, 750 volunteers
supported the event, including 179 international Volunteers.

Except for purely sport events, a lot of side-events took place. Cultural and educational events like EUG Quiz, EUG City Game or Eco-workshops were organized during the event. It has also been a chance for Volunteers and leaders to take part in dedicated trainings.

European Universities Games took place from July 17 until July 31, and the volunteers and leaders programme has been supported by the European Commission through Erasmus+ Programme.


We guarantee

  • 🏆Gain experience in organizing the largest sports event in Europe
  • 🛶An unusual holiday adventure combined with volunteering
  • 🙋 Work in a team of fantastic people from all over Europe
  • 🆙Add volunteering to your CV, get a certificate
  • 🥋 Volunteer starter pack
  • 📲 Free training program
  • 🍜 Free meals
  • 🏠Free accommodation for incoming volunteers *
  • ⛹ A special program of attractions (nightlife, fanzone, chill zones)
  • 👨🏫 Learn foreign languages
  • 👫 Make new friends

*For volunteers from outside Lodz, a limited accommodation will be available.

What do we expect?

  • Polish volunteers must be 16 years of age or older when volunteering begins. Foreign volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Availability for the entire duration of the competition is a great advantage, but it will also be possible to participate for shorter periods of time.
  • Knowledge of foreign languages is a great advantage, people without knowledge of a foreign language will also have a chance to become a volunteer.

Volunteering opportunities

Volunteers will support EUG 2022 in areas such as:

The Team Attaché will be responsible for communication with the team before and during the competition. They will assist the team representative during the accreditation and accommodation process and accompany the team during training and matches. They will be responsible for the continuous contact with the team and for helping to solve current problems. The Team Attaché should be very responsible and resourceful.

Volunteers in the area of sports will be assigned to directly handle the sports operations of a given discipline - tables, court area or IT results system. Knowledge of the sport discipline is essential.

Volunteers in this area will be responsible for supervision and order at sports venues, supporting the main manager of the venue. The tasks of volunteers will include: locker room supervision, water supply, branding supervision and solving current issues.

Volunteers in the accommodation department will directly support the accommodation processes for event participants. The information desks will have direct contact with the event participants, so volunteers in this department should have a strong knowledge of the different organisational areas of the event.

They will also support the catering points, in tasks related to the flow of participants or maintaining order on site.

The accreditation centre will be responsible for issuing approximately 6000 accreditations - for athletes, coaches, VIPs and volunteers. Volunteers in the accreditation centre will support the reception of team representatives as well as the accreditation and information processes.

Information points will function at each of the venues - the tasks will be related to providing the most important information and supervision of transport arrangements for the teams and individual transports for the remaining groups at the event.

Volunteers in this section will support medal ceremonies of individual disciplines. They will also carry out the educational and cultural programme, supporting the organisation of side events, seminars, meetings, sports activities or competitions.

Media volunteers will support the work of the press office and media department, as well as create press materials themselves. We will also be looking for photographers and people interested in creating films or content for social media.

Volunteers in the marketing department will support the activities of the Organising Committee in the animation zones, gadget sales points and venues.

Volunteers in the administration department will support the various organisational areas of the event in the offices in the Sports Bay. They will also assist the European University Sports Association and the activities of the individual national university sports federations.

The IT department will provide technical support to the competition offices and the Organising Committee, also responding to current problems and challenges.

We will organize a volunteer centre - a place for volunteers to relax, get to know each other and spend time. Volunteers will support the centre by organising events, providing information and promoting educational and cultural activities.

During every event the unexpected happens and that is when the Joker comes into action. They should be ready to take over tasks in each department - that is why versatile people who are not afraid of challenges are required here.


Below you will find answers to the most important questions about volunteering:

The final deadline for the application is March 15 2022.

Knowledge of Polish or English is necessary. Any other language will be a great asset

The volunteer will be provided with meals and drinks during his/her shifts, a set of gadgets and a certificate of participation in volunteering. There will also be a limited accommodation available for people from outside Lodz.

There will be 20 different disciplines. A list and details can be found at https://eug2022.eu/en/sports/.

The first stage of recruitment is the analysis of the submitted form. After the form is analysed, we will send out information on qualification to the next stage, which is an online recruitment interview. On its basis the final decision on qualification for volunteering will be made.

Availability for the entire duration of the Games is a big advantage, but it will also be possible to participate for shorter time slots.

Volunteers from Poland must be at least 16 years old at the start of their volunteering activities. Volunteers from abroad, must be at least 18 years old.


Should you have any further questions, please contact us at volunteering@eug2022.eu.