European Universities Games is not only about sport competition between academic teams but also the accompanying events. Amongst them you could find sitting volleyball. On Tuesday, 4th of July Polish teams met at Sport Arena to play against each other. Even though the size of the playing field is smaller than in the traditional volleyball (6×10 meters) the same cannot be said about the emotions.

As sitting-ball is all about promoting equality, integration, and inclusion, the team members can be both: players with disabilities and those who are able-bodied. The most important rule is that during the time that the action takes place, the buttocks must touch the floor. One more difference that can be found in this variety of the discipline is that it is possible to block the ball directly after is has been served (the block is not going to be counted as the first touch in this case).

During the Sports’ Arena’s competition there were two minor changes introduced into the rules in comparison with the original sitting-ball’s regulations—the teams consisted of 4 people (instead 12, 3 people on the playing field at time) and they had to win 2 sets played up to 25 points (2 points difference still had to be present) instead of 3. While watching the competition, one could easily notice that the teams were not only immersing themselves in the rivalry but they were also having fun time playing the game they definitely love.

Sitting volleyball is not the only parasport present during EUG 2022. During the first week of the Games, for 3 whole days, the spectators could also see the competition between para table tennis players. polish representatives were all in class 10—Igor Misztal has won silver, Dominik Dendura and Wioletta Bator were respectively 4th and 5th.