Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


At 5th Dormitory.

At 4th Dormitory.

You will find the detailed schedule at your room’s door.

It will be decided according to the sport they are playing. We want to shorten the distance from the accommodation to the venue. There are 2 main campuses. The detailed information about accommodation will be published on our website in the middle of June.

For sports with tall players OC will try to provide accommodation in rooms where there is additional space behind the bed and provide bed extensions for them where possible.

At Lodz University of Technology (Politechnika Łódzka) you keep your key all the time during your stay.

At University of Lodz (Uniwersytet Łódzki) you are supposed to leave the key at your dormitory’s reception desk every time you leave the dormitory.

You can find two „laundry points”, Dormitory no. 4 TUL, Al. Politechniki 9a (entrance from the street), Building Academic Support Center UL, Pomorska 152 (entrance from the street).

Security & Medicine

For now, in Poland there are no Covid-19 restrictions to enter the country, and most measures have been suspended. EUSA, however, put in place the following regulations, updated on May 27:

Participants are required to have been vaccinated against Covid-19. Exemption applies to the participants who have

recovered from Covid-19, and to the participants who are exempt from vaccination for medical reasons.

The fulfillment of the conditions set out in the previous article is defined by the legislation of the residence country of each participant.

All participants have to comply with the host country guidelines and regulations related to these Regulations, entering into force

Immediately after being approved by the EUSA Executive Committee on May 27, 2022, and replace previously set regulations.

It depends on times of arrival that are presented in travel plans and the number of participants arriving at the same time.

According to regulations, the participants should be prepared to wait up to 90 minutes (as per EUSA minimum organizational requirements).

Yes, there will always be at least a paramedic.


OC provides all services according to the schedule. All participants should arrive at the day of arrival stated in the schedule and depart at the departure day. OC provides transport only on those days. The accreditation procedure will be settled by the appointed Head of Delegation (HOD) of the participating universities. In case of later arrivals by the participating teams, the OC is not obliged to provide transport services. In team sports, once the team has started the competition, no changes in the team sheet and individuals’ team numbers are possible. Any attempt to enter the competition after it has started, will result with disqualification by the CTC.

Yes, but OC does not provide catering for them before July 13. In the registration form, it is not possible to choose an earlier date than 13.07.2022. If you need to come before this date, please contact the OC.


It depends on times of arrival that are presented in travel plans and the number of participants arriving at the same time.

According to regulations, the participants should be prepared to wait up to 90 minutes (as per EUSA minimum organizational requirements).

It will be possible to rent cars, but it will be payable service. Participants will get the discount from one of the car rental companies. Otherwise, NUSA representatives can use the transport service as per the accreditation card.

Contact Marcin Nadratowski ( from the Transportation department and inform him about arrival hours.

No, each person with an ID card will be able to travel by public transport for free (18 tram lines, 46 bus lines and 9 night bus lines are available). In addition, commuter trains (Łódzka Kolej Aglomeracyjna) will be free with your ID card. Of course, dedicated buses for EUG also will be free.

Link to bus timetables:

Link to train timetables:


We will provide tents for people waiting outside and in case of heavy rain we will use rooms in other buildings. The accreditation procedure itself is held indoors, in air conditioned facilities.

The participants need to fill out the Travel plans in time, and should be in contact with the organizers, especially the transport department in case of any changes. It will be possible to get accreditation later if OC will be informed in advance. Otherwise, the team will get a temporary accreditation card just for the night to get accommodation and will be able to accredit the next morning, as per working hours of the accreditation center.


There will be meat and vegetarian options, according to EUSA regulations. Information about allergens will be displayed at catering zones. The OC is also exploring possibilities to offer Vegan food to the participants.

You can not, but you can ask a volunteer to help find or pick up things.

No, the catering zone is intended only for dining.

It is not possible to order take-away meals.

No, each participant is assigned to a specific catering zone.

Yes, there is a vegetarian option on the menu.

OC provides food only in the designated catering area on campus during designated hours. In addition, there may be a food machine at some venues, where you can find some food.

Yes, water will be provided for every player.


During the General Technical Meeting there will be a draw of participants or teams playing together and the list will be published afterwards.

To make a protest, the participant has to fill in a form after the match and it will be settled by the Competition Technical Commission (CTC). This is regulated in more details in the EUSA Rules and Regulations.

This information will be given after gathering the final numbers of the participants until the end of Individual Entry deadline. It will be updated on the EUG2022 website, and we will send information to all contact persons registered for swimming.

This will be settled by the Competition Technical Commission (CTC), on a case-by-case matter. The final decision is taken by CTC in communication with other participating universities. More information will be given at the time of the General Technical Meeting (GTM).

In case of protest, decisions are made by TD.


Yes, each venue has its own sanitary facilities, which players might use.

Yes, they will be provided in training halls.

No, you have to book a free slot via the application.

In that case, you should report it to the venue manager.

Other questions

University and national flags are allowed during the Opening and Closing Ceremony. Country flags are not allowed during Awards Ceremonies. Photos from medals/awards ceremonies where there will be a national flag visible, will not be published. During march pass, the national flags are allowed, but during the awards ceremony, only university flags are allowed. We strongly encourage and recommend using university flags at all times.

The revised deadline for Individual Entry Form is June 1. A 1-week grace-period has been given also after this deadline for on-time submission. In cases of injuries or team changes, it is possible to do replacements until the day of arrivals for the specific sport / latest before the General Technical Meeting.

Yes, the meeting will be on Saturday before the Opening Ceremony, and also on other days, if needed.

Of course, you should 🙂 You are welcome for every game!