European Universities Games have received funding under the Erasmus+ program, implemented by the European Commission. The funding received under the non-for-profit sports events program is 450,000 euro.

The project supported the organization of the whole event, with focus on 3 important pillars related to the preparation, organization and evalutation of the event.

1. Sports for people with disabilities
As a part of a project in April 2022 promotion of disciplines for people with disabilities started, which was taking place during EUG. One of the object of the promotion was also IMP – the Integrative Championships of Poland, aimed at students with disabilities.

A various workshops and side events connected to sports for people with disabilities took place in July 2022. There was also a competition of table tennis for people with disabilities As a part of European University Championships. In addition, demonstrative tournaments of sitting volleyball and para weightlifting were held.
Workshops, trainings and seminars about sports for people with disabilities and social inclusion were also organized. Activities were addressed to athletes, Academic sports associations and volunteers.

2. The leader’s program
Volunteers leaders played a crucial role before and during European Universities Games. Leader’s program started in April 2022 – leaders took part in many online and offline workshops. They participated in test events as well – gaining new experience and promoting upcoming event.

In July they were in charge of 20 different departments – they were coordinating their volunteers teams and was their first contact. They became very important link in the entire event by connecting Organizing Committee and volunteers. After EUG leaders had also an opportunity to participate in additional trainings and evaluation so they could improve some aspects of their work in the future.

3. International volunteers
A crucial part of the project was the possibility to engage international volunteers in the event in Lodz. Following elements have been provided: accommodation, transportation from airport, public transport and full catering. We have received more than 1000 applications from abroad of which almost 180 people actually came to Lodz.

Side events – workshops, cultural and sports seminars and educational events were also dedicated to them. There were also special integration sessions which aim was to get to know each other.

After the event there were also additional online meetings to present next volunteer possibilities. People who are willing to get further information will receive newsletters with volunteers opportunities as well as possibilities within Erasmus+ projects.
As part of the project educational materials about all 3 pillars are created for future use.

You can find more about Erasmus+ program here and about Sports sector here