Information for participants


Arrival to Poland

  1. Arrival by plane
    Competitors and judges will be transported by dedicated coaches and trains, directly from the airport to the accreditation point.  
    The Organizing Committee provides transport to Lodz only from the Frederic Chopin Airport in Warsaw.


  2. Arrival by bus
    Free car parks for buses which will be stationed in Lodz for the duration of the competition will be allocated on the campuses of Lodz University of Technology (maps with car parks will be provided during accreditation)

  3. Arrival by car
    For cars used by the participants there will be free car parks available on the campuses of Lodz University of Technology (maps with the car parks will be provided during accreditation)
    All motorway tolls for private vehicles are borne by the participants. 

Transportation within the city

  1. City buses
    Two bus lines have been prepared for the competitors, line no. 1 and line no. 2, connecting the sports facilities and accommodation points (the route of the line will be provided during accreditation).

  2. Transport of judges/referees
    Dedicated transports by vans from accommodation to sports facilities, in accordance with the tournament schedule, and to the catering zone have been prepared for the judges.

  3. VIP transport
    The VIP group will be transported from the airport in executive cars. During the Games, VIPs will be able to order transport in info desks and through a dedicated application.

    Each person with an ID card will be able to travel by public transport for free
    (18 tram lines, 46 bus lines and 9 night bus lines are available.


Players and team representatives, coaches.

Student Campus at Lodz University of Technology and Student Campus at University of Lodz

Both our Student Campuses consist of a total of 11 residential buildings (blocks).

  • Each building has its own entrance, information desk, 24-hour reception area, most buildings have lifts.
  • The Student Campus offers three types of rooms – single, double and triple.
  • For each participant there are 2 towels and a toilet kit (3-in-1 gel, bar of soap, disinfection gel).


Meals will take place in 3 catering zones, which will be located on the campus of Lodz University of Technology and the University of Lodz, and at the MOSiR hall in Zgierz.

Zone I of Lodz University of Technology

Participants and volunteers

Zone II of Lodz University of Technology


Zone III University of Lodz

Participants and volunteers

Zone IV – MOSiR Zgierz

Participants and volunteers (lunch only)

Zone 5 – MOSiR Zgierz

Judges (lunch only)

Opening hours of catering zones

  • Breakfast 6:00-9:00
  • Lunch 12.00-15.00
  • Dinner 18:30-22:30

Access to catering zones will be possible by scanning the code on the badge.



  • We provide water for all participants and judges.
  • Competitors 4 x 0.5l bottle a day and water with each meal
  • Judges 3 x 0.5l bottle a day and water with each meal

COVID regulation

Almost all COVID regulation have been lifted since 31.03.2022. It is not required to provide vaccination certification, negative RAT/PCR test result or proof of recovery when entering Poland. However due to unpredictable nature of the virus all participants are still required to provide vaccination prof to take part in EUG 2022.

The only remaining regulation is the requirement of wearing masks in pharmacies and all medical facilities.

In case of Covid symptoms the participant will be tested with RAT tests, covered by Organising Committee. With positive test result the participants will be isolated in separated accommodation area for seven days. It is possible to shorten the isolation period with negative test result being taken 48 hours from the first test.

Entry to the territory of Poland

Depending on the direction from which you will come to Lodz, you will need various documents confirming your identity, citizenship and destination.

If you are a citizen of the European Union or a citizen of the Schengen Area or a citizen of the United Kingdom – the condition for entry into Poland is the possession of a valid travel document (a passport issued no more than 10 years ago, valid at least 3 months before entry) or another valid document confirming identity and citizenship.

If you are an Israeli citizen you can enter Poland under the visa-free regime.

If you are a citizen of Ukraine, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Georgia, Moldova, Kosovo, you can travel to Poland without a visa for up to 90 days within 180 days. However, you must meet a condition – you must have a biometric passport. Otherwise, you are required to have a visa.

If you are a citizen of Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Belarus or Armenia, you are required to have a visa. A uniform Schengen visa type C entitles you to stay in Poland and move around the entire Schengen area.