What is European Universities Games? Why will the EUG 2022 be held in Łódź? What disciplines will be played at the Lodz Games? We answer these and many other questions in our social media. We communicate with our audience using the most popular and effective social media. For several months now, we’ve been publishing posts on the EUG 2022 FB website that are very popular. It is here that you can read about organizational matters and interesting facts. We are constantly interacting with people who are watching us, and there are more and more of them every day. Thanks to our social media you will get to know the EUG 2022 ambassadors of sports, learn how to sign up for the tournament, how to become a volunteer and help with the European Academic Games in Łódź. We are in the process of making videos that will be posted on our Facebook and will surely interest you. The longer ones, over 2 minutes, will be available on YouTube. On Instagram you will find interesting photos and graphics – of course, about the EUG 2022. Twitter is used for slightly shorter content that acts as messages. You will also find us on Linkedin. People who use such very common and popular social media today will surely find information about EEU 2022. Visit our social media!