Champions at Lodz University of Technology

The new academic year will begin in just one month. “Gaudeamus igitur” will resound in the university halls filled to the brim with young people. More than ten thousand students will start their studies at the Lodz University of Technology – one of the best technical universities in the country.

Sport is also a strong point of the Lodz University of Technology. Our university, which has a well-developed sports infrastructure, organizes many events of national and international importance. Its portfolio includes, for example, the European Academic Volleyball Championships, the Polish Championships in jumping into the water or the Winter Polish Championships in swimming in the Bay of Sports of the Lodz University of Technology. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the Lodz University of Technology is the organizer of the EUG 2022.

Among the students and graduates of the Lodz University of Technology there are world and European champions in various competitions, which proves that this university offers great opportunities in developing a passion and career in sports.

Let’s take a look at the profiles of our champions and their sports achievements in European and world arenas.

Only a few weeks before the start of the Olympic Games in Tokyo no one gave the Polish relay team any chance of winning a medal. In fact, the headlines screamed that for the first time in 29 years the Polish relay team would not go to the Games. However, within a month our athletes managed to improve their result by as much as 4 seconds, and during the Olympic finals in the 4×400 metres mixed relay they won a gold medal. After a successful run for the Poles, Kajetan Duszyński is on the lips of the whole world, who finished the winning relay in beautiful style, in perfect form. The athlete of AZS Lodz is a PhD student at the Lodz University of Technology. His adventure with sport started with jogging in the park. Later he trained in a sports middle school in Siemianowice Śląskie. He transferred to Lodz University of Technology from the Silesian University of Technology. In Lodz, representing AZS he started to win his first medals. Kajetan Duszyński won his first medal, a silver one, in 2015 at the European Athletics U20 Championships in Tallinn, together with the 4×400 metre relay team. Two years later, he ran for his second silver of the European Athletics U23 Championships. He is also the 2019 bronze medallist at the Universiade in Naples.

From the Olympic Games in Japan, Kajetan Duszynski returned in an excellent form. Another opportunity to demonstrate his great skills came quickly. On Sunday, 15 August, the athletes competed in the 4th Wiesław Maniak Memorial in Szczecin. Kajetan Duszyński reached the finish line with the time of 45.31, beating his personal record.

Kajetan is a biotechnology graduate of Lodz University of Technology. He is writing his PhD on protein crystallography at the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences.

Mateusz Rzeźniczak, a third-year student of Occupational Safety Engineering at the Faculty of Process and Environmental Engineering at TUL, went to the Olympic Games in Tokyo with Kajetan Duszyński. The road to the Olympics for the RKS Lodz athlete was paved by winning the European team championship with the Polish national team, Polish senior vice-championship at 400 metres and Polish academic second place, also at 400 metres. Despite his young age, Mateusz Rzeźniczak has won a bronze medal at the European U20 Championships in the 4×400 metre relay. He is also a finalist of the 2018 European Championships in the 4×400 metres relay, a runner-up in the Polish 400 metres and a multiple medallist at the Polish Junior and Youth Championships.

Adam Kszczot, on the other hand, specialises in the 800 metres run – a multiple medallist at the European Athletics Championships, the European Athletics Indoor Championships, the World Athletics Championships and the World Athletics Indoor Championships. He represented Poland at the European Athletics Team Championships in inter-state matches. He holds the national record in the 800 m indoor run. Adam Kszczot, who comes from Opoczno, started his international career in 2007 by winning
a bronze medal at the European Junior Championships. In 2010, he won two bronze medals at the most important competitions of the season – in winter at the World Athletics Indoor Championships and in summer at the European Athletics Championships. In 2011, by winning with Marcin Lewandowski,
he won the gold medal of the European Athletics Indoor Championships. In July of the same year,
he successfully defended the title of European Youth Champion, and a dozen or so weeks later, he finished sixth at the World Championships.

2013 began with the European Athletics Indoor Championships title in Gothenburg. In March 2014
in Sopot, he became an indoor world runner-up.

Two-time IAAF World Relays silver medallist in the 4×800 metres relay. In August 2014, he became European 800 metres champion in Zurich.

At the World Championships in Beijing in August 2015, he was runner-up in the 800 metres. In July 2016 in Amsterdam, he became European champion at this distance for the second time.

In 2017 at the European Indoor Championships, he won gold in the 800m run with a time of 1:48.87, while over a month later at the IAAF World Relays he won a bronze medal in the 4x800m distance medley relay, the third time in his career at this event. In the same year, he became world runner-up in the 800 metres for the second time in his career.

One can write a lot about Adam Kszczot’s successes in sport. Only at the senior Polish Championships in the 800 metres run he won a total of 11 gold medals.

He graduated from Lodz University of Technology with a degree in engineering management.

If not karate, she would train judo, just like her dad. She stood on the mat for the first time at the age
of 9. Dorota Banaszczyk is another sportswoman, whose intensive trainings did not prevent her from studying. The athlete of the Olimp Club from Lodz studies Biochemical Engineering at Lodz University
of Technology. In 2017, she represented Poland at the European Youth Championships, but 2018 turned out to be a breakthrough year in her sporting career, when she won the gold medal of the senior world championships in the individual kumite competition, in the 55 kg category. She is the first Polish woman to stand on the world championship podium in karate so far.

In the qualification for the Olympic Games in Tokyo Dorota Banaszczyk took the fourth place, and only the first three places guaranteed her participation at the Olympics. However, this did not discourage her. On the contrary, it motivated her to train even harder. As she says – she does not like to be bored and she spends her free time with friends.

Dorota Banaszczyk’s sport colleague is Kinga Harast. Her biggest success as an athlete of the Harasuto Poland Karate Club is a bronze medal at the WKF European Championships Aalborg Denmark 2019 in the U21 women’s category. Kinga has been training karate for most of her young life. She has been successful at home and abroad for the past fourteen years and already has 25 Polish Champion titles in kumite and kata of juniors, youths, seniors and Polish Academic Championships in her collection.

Kinga Harast graduated from the Faculty of Management and Production Engineering at Lodz University of Technology. She is currently continuing her education at Lodz University of Technology, majoring in Master of Business Studies.

Sylwester Bednarek has also managed to combine education with sport. In 2009, this athlete of RKS Lodz won the title of the Youth European Champion in high jump with a result of 2.28 m, he won a gold medal at the Polish Senior Indoor Championships and a bronze medal at the World Championships in Berlin. Meanwhile, in 2017 he set a personal best of 2.33m. In the same year he won the title of European indoor champion. Sylwester Bednarek is a graduate of management at the Faculty of Organisation and Management of Lodz University of Technology.